Smart Like Her Mom And Not Like Her Daddy: The Kids Inherit Intelligence From Their Mother!

According to the latest research, how smart the child is going to be depends on the intelligence of the mother! Now let’s take a look at this from a scientific point of view.

It is well known that women have XX chromosomes, and men have XY chromosomes. Chromosomes are found in the cells and are responsible for transferring the genes. This study claims that intelligence comes directly from these significant X chromosomes, and because the mothers have XX chromosomes, there are more chances that our intelligence comes from our mothers.

On the other hand, the same survey showed that XY chromosomes contribute to the physical development of children. However, we must not forget the fact that these tests are carried out on mice, but it is likely that the same is true for people.

“Usually people in whom the mother’s genes prevail have larger head and brain, and a smaller lower body. On the other hand, people in whom the father’s genes are dominant have smaller brains, but larger lower body, “said one of the researchers.

In addition, the researchers from the University of Washington showed that emotional connection is very important for brain development.

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