Michael J. Fox’s Heartbreaking Fight against Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox has been fighting Parkinson’s ever since he was first diagnosed in the 90s; however, it seems that the chances are stacked against him. Today, at the age of 54, Fox has a slurred speech and an unresponsive left food.

Before the age of 60, he is expected to become bound to a wheelchair. In February this year, Fox had a night out with his wife Tracy Pollan, however, he needed several helpers in order to enter and exit the vehicle.

A close friend of Fox said that this was really heartbreaking to watch and that the bravery of Fox is amazing. Nonetheless, since the disease started to take a toll on his body, even Fox has become aware that he is losing the battle. According to his closest ones, for Fox, every day is a gift and a chance to help others in need.

His foundation for Parkinson’s research raised around millions of dollars, however, a cure hasn’t been found. Regardless of the fact that he is not in a good health, as he headed away from the restaurant, Fox managed to flash a peace sign to his fans from the back of the vehicle.

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