DNA shocker: Body of Homeless Man Found in Restaurant Was Confirmed To Be Bob Marley

In downtown Kingston, Jamaica, in a discarded box behind the back of a fast food joint, a body of an elderly homeless man was found. The man had no identification on him, so the coroners were not able to identify the man immediately. The only things that the man had in his possession were a battered old guitar, small quantity of marijuana and a faded photograph of the Houses of Parliament in London.

The authorities had no leads to go on, so they turned to Jamaica’s National DNA Database. The coroners could not believe what they were seeing when they got back the results. Jacob Chambers, the chief coroner, said that he thought the results were a joke. Jacob and his colleagues could not believe their eyes. They could not believe what was written on the results.

Namely according to the DNA results this old man was none other than reggae superstar Bob Marley. Everyone just stared at the results and thought that the results were just a mistake.

The whole world knows that Bob Marley died from cancer in 1981 as he made his way back to Jamaica by plane from Germany. However the results were saying something way different from what we actually know. Namely if Bob Marley died in 1981, then why was his elderly body lying on a slab in a downtown Jamaican morgue?

At this point Jacob had only one logical explanation – someone was playing a joke on them. That is why he told his assistant to label the body as ‘persons unknown’. This means that the body of this man would be cremated by authorities and the death would be filed as that of an unknown male in his late 60s to early 70s. But just then the things got extremely weird.

That same afternoon, the chief coroner, was visited by men in sunglasses. These introduce themselves as ‘government officials’. They were all wearing black suits. They said that Bob Marley grow tired of all the attention he was getting and the only thing he wanted was to live a quiet life of a street busker in Jamaica. That is why he faked his own death in 1981. These men also confirmed that the body was indeed the reggae legend.

The Jamaican government knew that they were going to receive the royalties from his most successful album, Exodus, and that is why they went along with his plan.

According to Jacob, these government officials removed the body of Marley, along with the DNA results and the coroner’s report of death. After that they warned Jacob and his staff not to say a word to anyone about this, because if they say something there would be some serious consequences. And just then they were gone, leaving the coroners amazed and a bit scared.

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